A young Nigerian lady has vented her anger and frustration on the internet after returning from abroad and discovering that her son is less fed and well-taken care of despite the huge sums of monies she sends back home for his upkeep at the end of every month

The pained mother shared a video of her neglected son on Tiktok with the caption, “Working very hard and sending all your money home just to meet your son like this”

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As asserted by the mother, she sends all her money home for her son’s upkeep, hence she is very disappointed over how he looks.

Apparently, the lady returned from abroad to Nigeria unannounced just to witness the reality on the grounds herself.

After coming across this heartwrenching video, a lot of social media users have vowed never to allow anyone, not even their siblings take care of their children in their absence.

Below are some of the popular comments gathered under the video;

SK Larbi – Stay in the country. Start doing some work and take care of the child or go with your child everywhere you settle

Tessy Kaneo – I keep telling myself that since my mum is not alive then Is my all the time petitions to God to grant me longlife n good health to take care of my son til he’s up to a full grown man he can decide for himself in lifeis so painful and disheartening to see your own uterus being mishandled and maltreated at the early stage of their life

Obaapa Swanzy – Very inconsiderate if this is true…your mother is the best person to take such a job

Nana Debrah Bekoe – Hmmmmm people are wicked so be careful with those you entrust your kids lives into their hands.

A lady whom I trusted as a Christian was always beaten my one year baby with a cane until she was caught. Hmmmm



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