Following its entry into Ghana’s sports and gaming industry early this month, BetKing, a sports and digital entertainment company, has hit the ground running by outlining several projects it aims to undertake in the country, with a special focus on talent development.

In a statement, Managing Director for BetKing, Gossy Ukanwoke, said Ghana has a unique opportunity and talent to grow into a world-class sports ecosystem, a potential that BetKing hopes to play a major role in with a more dedicated focus on youth.

With the company aiming to reach underserved communities to guarantee inclusion for all, BetKing’s strategy, he iterated, is to gain insights into communities in Ghana to understand what they need and how they can support them, especially as different markets, regions, and communities have different needs as opposed to a one-size-fits all approach.

“As part of the company’s plans, BetKing also aims to develop entertainment centres while catering to their needs and overall, ensure value is delivered in an impactful and sustainable way,” he said.

Ukanwoke stressed that positively affecting communities and bringing excellent responsible gaming and compliance standards is BetKing’s collective commitment to sports fans across Ghana and beyond, and pledged the company’s commitment to ensuring that sports betting continues to be “an exciting, engaging, entertaining, but most of all, impactful if not a life-changing experience.”

In February 2018, BetKing officially launched its presence in Africa, with its first office in Lagos, Nigeria, with a mission to create an efficient system that enables the quests of its Kings and Kingmakers by providing the right technology, radical innovation, and uncompromising service to all customers while at the same time driving as much impact within communities as possible.

“BetKing believes everyone is a king and this is reflected in everything that makes up the brand. Within four years of operating in Africa, the company has spread its tentacles to other countries in Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, and just recently, Ghana.

Currently serving millions of customers across Africa, BetKing fast has become a favourite among punters across Africa despite having access to a plethora of other bookmakers,” Ukanwoke noted.

Source: DGN


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