The Country Director for Global Professionals HR Certification Center, Dr. Jeff Brassey has called on employers to conduct thorough background checks of potential employees before employing them.

This he believes will save most organisations the many challenges associated with recruitment.

Speaking to the media at the launch of the Morrison Records Bureau, Dr. Bassey noted that background checks of a yet to be employed person must not be overlooked.

“Definitely nobody will want to employ someone with a deviant behaviour into an organisation. You also run the risk of being slapped with charges of negligent hiring when the employee causes any harm or injury to the organisation. In this case the perpetrator and organisation are jointly liable. Many organisations have been slapped with charges like this and compensation that comes with having injured employee that is caused by negligent hiring are normally paid in millions.”

“All this points out to the fact that employers must conduct background checks on potential employees before hiring them. In other jurisdictions, there is always a bureau which is a one stop place for background investigations. I recognise the contribution of the various security agencies in this regard but it is also important to engage agencies that have the expertise to conduct these background checks as well.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Morrison Records Bureau, Emmanuel Kwame Morrison noted that his outfit stands tall in conducting background checks.

“Our mission here at Morrison Records Bureau (MRB) is to provide trusted technology-driven background check services to assist individuals and businesses. As a brand, we have also followed all due processes and secured all prerequisite data protection clearance to run background check services in Ghana and will soon break into other markets on the continent.”

“Taking advantage of Ghana’s digitalization agenda, we will provide credible background check services to all Ghanaians and companies at competitive prices. We are in a new dawn and with Ghana leading the continent with its digitalization drive, more tech companies will set shops in Ghana and contribute to the country’s economic development.”


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