A distraught Ghanaian man went to the market to unleash venom on the pricing culture of most Ghanaian traders.

He stormed a local market and decided to call out the traders for overpricing the items.

According to him, these traders are wicked by putting outrageous price tags on items grown in Ghana like plantains, eggs, and tomatoes.

Creating a scene in the market, the gentleman accused the market women of being disingenuous and wicked.

“You market women are wicked. You overpriced even locally-grown produce to dupe us. Has the government sanctioned you to overprice these products? Why are you so wicked to Ghanaians? “

The man went to draw the attention of the market women to the hardships in the country, which he believed had been created by the traders, who are always profit-conscious.

He made the argument that products made in Ghana must not be sold at outrageous prices.

Some items on the Ghanaian market have increased in price in the past weeks, and Ghanaians have been complaining about the high cost of living in Ghana.

The video below is about an angry man who believes the status quo could change if wicked traders desist from overpricing the items they sell.

Source: myinfogh


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