Residents of Bueyonye a farming community in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region have expressed worry over primary six pupils at Bueyonye M/A Basic School studying under palm tree sheds in the area.

The residents described the situation as very disturbing and deemed the environment unsuitable for learning for the pupils.

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Speaking to Angel News reporter Jaman Dehyee Opambour, Tetteh Abraham Odonkor who is a former assembly member of the area revealed that the school once started in someone’s apartment some decades ago during his leadership before it was moved to its current location.

Tetteh Abraham Odonkor is a former assembly member of the Bueyonye Electoral area

He highlighted that a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) named Pencils of Promise, in collaboration with the Municipal Assembly, constructed a six-unit classroom block for the school at a time the school was in session from kindergarten to primary four and was occupied by the then-students.

The six-unit classroom block was built by Pencil of Promise
He noted, a few years later, the school was extended to class six, a situation which called for the extra facility to house classes five and six. A classroom block was provided to accommodate the class five pupils after the kindergartens were merged.

However, the class six pupils were left behind, a situation which has compelled the community to erect a palm tree shed to serve as a classroom block, Mr Odonkor added.

“Students in these palm sheds find it difficult to concentrate on their studies whenever it is raining, shining, or if a vehicle is passing it is disturbing their attention making it very difficult to concentrate during classes hour as the school is closer to a roadside as well,” the former Assembly Member of the area told Jaman Dehyee Opambour during a visit to the community.

Adding his voice to the predicament, School Management Chairman (SMC) of Bueyonye M/A Basic School, Sackitey Nicholas Narh, said the situation is nothing but unfortunate because it makes learning and teaching very uncomfortable for both students and teachers.

“So, we are telling the whole world, the country, anybody at all especially donors to come and see our situation here. As you can see, the students learning here [under the palm tree shed] are very brilliant but any attempts of rain to fall, then they have to suspend studies and close because of the nature of their class ” Mr Sackitey fumes.

He furthered by indicating that there is no accommodation such as a teacher’s bungalow for teachers at the school making it difficult for teachers to accept postings to the community.

Interacting with some students amidst sharing their experience of studying under the palm tree sheds, the Girls prefect of the school, Ayertey Jessica, said the development is a setback to their academic progress because they least get sound mind for studies.

According to her, since their ‘palm tree shed-classroom block’ is erected at a roadside, the students are mostly distracted by passing vehicles whiles rains also often disrupt their classes hours.

They, therefore, appealed to authorities, philanthropists, and NGOs to come to their aid by giving them a befitting classroom to enhance teaching and learning in the area.

Simon Kweku Tetteh, the Municipal Chief Executive, for Lower Manya Krobo Municipality, when contacted at the time of filing this report declined having knowledge about the shed serving as a classroom for the pupil.

“I know we have provided them with a six-unit classroom block in collaboration with Pencils of Promise an NGO. So, I don’t know that is the situation because I often pass by to Koforidua.

So, whiles the community needs a classroom block, they should have written to the assembly for assistance,” the MCE reacted.



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