Reggae Musician cum Radio Presenter, Blakk Rasta has come under intense criticism over certain comments he passed on the newly released version of Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’ featuring rapper, Sarkodie.

On his show, Blakk Rasta described Sarkodie’s verse and rap on the iconic song as a desecration of the holy music and dent to the legacy of Bob Marley.

He said, “What Sarkodie did is just a desecration of the legacy of Bob Marley. It’s so shameful. What Sarkodie did is nothing but the desecration of the music king. It’s like a king has been buried and you go and dig him up and steal the gold and diamonds he was buried with.”

He continued to say, “it hurts me so much I decided not to talk about this. Sarkodie allowed himself to be used to desecrate Bob Marley’s legacy. The one-way rap has been on all these years. What Sarkodie does is one-way rap but people are not ready to speak the truth.”

Blakk Rasta’s comment and opinion did not sit well with many others in the entertainment industry. Today, we explore Ghanaian celebrities who called out Blakk Rasta for his negative comments.

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo

Entertainment journalist and pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo urged Blakk Rasta to quit the incessant attacks on Sarkodie. According to him, he does not mind Blakk Rasta expressing his opinion, however, he feels the reggae singer is over doing it.

“Senior Blakk Rasta, please, I had no qualms with you expressing your opinion on the song but now, I strongly believe you are doing way too much. Stop it! Stop stop! Please Stop!”, Arnold wrote on his Facebook page.


Responding to a question on her take on Blakk Rasta’s comment of Sarkodie’s rendition of ‘Stir It Up’ in a one-on-one interview on GHOne, the ‘Best in Me’ crooner sarcastically asked who Blakk Rasta is because she doesn’t know him.

After several clues by the presenter including mentioning one of his songs, Efya again asked if the Presenter is referring to the man who does funny songs. She added that, musicians do not really care about what presenters say about their songs so that is just but it.


On the United Showbiz Show, Bulldog excused the harsh comments of Blakk Rasta and blamed his behavior on what he described as the outcome of stress and poor mental health.

“Mental health is something we as Ghanaians don’t take seriously. Blakk Rasta is stressed and that is a case we don’t take seriously in Ghana, ” Bulldog said.

He added, “There’s a lot of stress, so people come from that angle when they speak. Like he made conclusions on Efya based on her appearance, look at him, clearly, he is stressed.”

Sonnie Badu

Rev. Sonnie Badu, a gospel musician and the founder of Rockhill Chapel founder did not directly address Blakk Rasta but he congratulated Sarkodie for this historic collaboration and described the work as a win for Ghana regardless of the negativity and wish of some persons that they would have been a better fit.

“This is a big win for Ghana. In as much as a lot of people feel it should have been them and so they want to bring negativity, this is honourable for Ghana. Obidi, next time, please tell them [the Marley family] I want to do [feature on] ‘No Woman No Cry’. Without ntampi [weed],” the Rock Hill Church leader wrote on his Twitter page.

Nana Aba Anamoah

Celebrated media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah gave it hot to Blakk Rasta over his ‘desecration of legacy’ comment in relation to Sarkodie’s rendition of Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up”.

According to her, Blakk Rasta is not wiser than the managers and family of Bob Marley who chose Sarkodie for the rendition. She added that Sarkodie was chosen because he was the best-suited for that collaboration.

“You’re not the only human being on this planet who adores Bob Marley. You’re not wiser than the managers of his estate. This desecration placards you’re wielding makes you look rather inebriated than concerned. Sark was featured because he’s superb. DEAL WITH IT!” Anamoah tweeted on February 4.


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