Entertainment enthusiast and digital creator, Kelly Mensah is entreating creative players, particularly musicians to stop reggae/ media personality Blakk Rasta from his needless attacks on Sarkodie.
In what he describes as “broad daylight bitterness”, Kelly charged them not to stay aloof and watch the Barack Obama hitmaker denigrate Sarkodie’s craft since he could turn the heat on them soon.

In a Facebook post today, February 3, Kelly noted that such negative attitudes have been major setbacks for the industry’s progress.

Kelly’s post is a reaction to Blakk Rasta’s recent comments on Sarkodie’s feature on Bob Marley’s Stir up.

In a viral video, Blakk Rasta chastises Bob Marley’s family for denting his legacy by featuring Sarkodie on the classic Stir up piece.

“We are lucky to witness the broad daylight bitterness of Black Rasta against GH acts. If you are a musician in Ghana or have any stake in music business here in, don’t say it doesn’t concern you. Today it’s Sark, tomorrow, your own.

“But most importantly, we have had people like that at vantage points where external investments in showbiz get introduced.

“And they made sure Ghana entertainment lost every opportunity to other countries. The Ga people call this evil cannibalising spirit “musu”!

“So today, if Meta, Apple Music, Adidas, Nike, Coca cola, Netflix, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, etc manage their customers in Ghana from their plush regional head offices in Nigeria, this is why!

“It’s because, for ages, some Ghanaians are making sure it never happens. They just hate. It’s not any reason really, they just hate keke, that’s all!,” he posted.


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