Fashion model and winner of Miss Aura Ghana 2022, Winifred Esi Sam, has revealed that the Turkey High Commission in Ghana delayed her visa to represent Ghana at this year’s edition of the Miss Aura International in Turkey.

According to Ms. Esi Sam, she was supposed to represent Ghana at the event from September 10 to 20, but unfortunately she received her visa on September 20, therefore, she could not attend the event.

“My team reached out to the embassy several times and the excuse we were given was they have about 400 visa applications and that they are busy and can’t check my visa application,” she said.

According to her, “I was not given the chance to represent Ghana at this year’s Miss Aura International in Antalya, Turkey due to visa issues. I believe I am not the only victim who has been denied visa.”

Ms. Sam also said she stood a high chance of winning the Miss Aura International.

“It is time for the country and leaders to pay more attention to pageant queens and give them their maximum support as they represent the country internationally.

“I would like the leaders and citizens to understand that a beauty pageant as a whole is unique and it is not only about the Beauty but also it cuts across Brain, Body, and Behaviour, these are called the 4B’s elements,” she explained.

Source: DGN


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