You Can Shut Down TV/Radio Stations If,…. – Pius Enam Hadzide To NMC

Former Deputy Minister for Information, Pius Enam Hadzide, has admonished the National Media Commission (NMC) to regulate Television and radio stations ensuring they don’t show contents that showcase fetish activities.

Ritualists and spiritualists claiming to double money have proliferated media stations in the country.

The activities of these ritualists and spiritualists, some believe, majorly contribute to the quest for money rituals.

For the purpose of money ritual, two teenage suspects, Felix Nyarko, 16, and Nicholas Kini, 18, allegedly murdered an 11-year old boy named Ishmael Mensah Abdallah at Kasoa last Saturday.

The ghastly murder has revived concerns on the dangers associated with influx of the money doublers and ritual activities on TV and radio stations across the nation.

Hon. Enam Hadzide noted that the NMC is vested with power to shut down regulate any station that breaches the law by feeding the public with the wrong content.

”We must regulate and monitor the broadcasting space in this country…It cannot be true that if you sit on radio to peddle lies or sit on radio to damage the public morality or the Ghanaian identity, we should, in the name of freedom of speech, look on for you to operate; it cannot be true. The law authorizes the regulators to some extent shut down a media institution if you engage in such things”, he stated.

He advised the NMC to set out ethical standards for all media stations.


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