600 Entrepreneurs in Kumasi benefit from precision quality programme

Over 600 entrepreneurs in Kumasi have been trained on how to improve their services and product delivery to enhance their income levels.
The initiative was aimed at improving the work skills of master craftsmen, women and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for them to meet industry standards.

It was organised by Design and Technology Institute (DTI), a privately accredited technical and vocational education and training institute (TVET), in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation’s “Young Africa Works” strategy, which seeks to enable 30 million young people, particularly women, to access dignified and fulfilling work opportunities by 2030.


The organisers used drama to paint a picture on the minds of the beneficiaries to capture their attention as they could relate to the concept of the play.

It showcased the operations of two mechanics, compared their different approaches to work, and identified the one who implemented precision quality.

Through the play, which lasted for about two hours, the beneficiaries acquired different experiences, including how to set up their own businesses, open business accounts, and the need to use the right tools at their job locations.

They also learnt how to implement precision quality by adopting modern ways of doing business in order to continue to be relevant in the job market.

A section of the participants applauding the performance. Pictures: EMMANUEL BAAH

The Project Coordinator of DTI, Kwame Oppong-Peprah, said they chose the drama approach because there was no need for long speeches considering their targeted audience but rather something the average person could relate to.

Some of the beneficiaries later shared their experiences, and touted the initiative as timely.

One of them, Reverend Yaw Gyebi, said he had been sewing for the past three decades, and commended the organisers for bringing them up to date regarding modern and innovative ways to enhance their business capabilities.

“This drama is very educative. Now, I have a fair idea about how to market my products abroad,” Kwasi Poku, a mechanic, said.


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