Accra Sports Stadium ready for NPP delegates conference

The Accra Sports Stadium, venue for the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) national delegates conference to elect party national executives, is virtually draped in the colours of the party.
A recceing by Graphic Online to the stadium Friday afternoon showed nearly everything in sight, including the main entrance of the stadium, wore the NPP colours of red, white and blue.

On the pitch of the stadium, workers were feverishly setting up a giant stage, while media houses set about hoisting up stands and antennas to provide coverage of the conference.

Large banners hanged in the stands to direct delegates from the 16 regions on seating arrangements and to ensure the voting process proceeds smoothly.

Then at the periphery of the stadium, food vendors jostled for space, along with vendors of party paraphernalia hopeful of brisk business on Saturday.

We are ready

The Greater Accra Regional Organiser of the NPP, Prince Obeng, who was at the stadium, told Graphic Online that elaborate health and security measures have been put in place.

He said the party had engaged the services of the Ghana Police Service to provide security and to ensure that the conference runs smoothly.

Obeng said all delegates and aspirants have also been given special accreditation, noting that persons who do not have such accreditation would not be allowed into the stands or into the inner perimeter at the Accra Sports Stadium.

“To be eligible to enter you must first have an accreditation. Delegates and aspirants, including their polling agents will be given special accreditation,” he said.

Health preparations

On health, he said delegates and aspirants must show evidence that they have been vaccinated against the corona virus disease and must as well be in their nose masks.

However, he noted that persons who have not yet vaccinated would be vaccinated at the stadium.

“Since COVID-19 is still around, anybody who is coming here must show their vaccination card, they must be in their nose masks; however, we will provide nose masks and sanitizers at the conference.

“There will also be a health post here, where personnel from the Ghana Health Service and officials of the health committee of the party will work to allow for vaccination on site,” he said.

He said the party was expecting about 8,000 people to include diplomats, delegates, aspirants and their polling agents, the media and some party observers.

“We are looking to show to the people of this country that regardless of the hardship and the global challenges, the NPP is still the best option for this country and we will leave united, so that we break the 8 years’ governance cycles which has become a norm,” he said.

Source: graphiconline


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