Alleged embezzlement marred FixTheCountry demonstration in the UK

The embarrassing display demonstrated by FixTheCountry UK, an unstructured group funded by the NDC, was bound to happen.

The group leaders who have deceived well meaning Ghanaians that they stand for the ordinary citizens had irresponsibly squandered an alleged £85,000 donated by former President, John Mahama.

It is not surprising their planned demonstration to cause embarrassment to President Akufo-Addo failed miserably.

The uncoordinated organisation was due an alleged embezzlement of funds among the group’s leadership. The allegations carried on to their platforms where they pointed fingers at their own members for leaking information to the NPP-UK Branch Organiser, Kwame Boateng and the NPP-UK Youth Organiser, Richard Gyamfi.

In fact we can attest that the so called organizers of the demonstration are being controlled by the current and former NDC executives in the UK.

One of the organisers of the failed #Fixthecountry demonstration called Nana Yaw has been dubious enough to blindside the group of the ill gotten funds from Former President Mahama and still solicited for pennies from unsuspecting followers on social media platforms.

We can also confirm that guests to the Telford branch’s maiden meeting was the national organiser of NDC, Joshua Akamba, former deputy chief of staff, Alexander Segbefia, and the leadership of #FixTheCountry. The headline message from the meeting captured on tape was to empower the NDC diaspora branches to write and propagate false articles to destroy the good name of the country and ultimately President Akufo-Addo.

Due to the ill motives of these people toward their own country, one would agree that it serves them right that their demonstration was nothing but a disastrous and wasteful event.


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