Angry Anfoega chief calls dance group to order for indecent display of ‘borborbor’ dance

It would have been expected that when the official dance of his people was being displayed, it would have put smiles on his face but that was not the case for Togbe Tepreh Hodoh IV, the Paramount Chief of the Anfoega Traditional Area.

During a durbar of chiefs at this year’s Easter celebrations a few weeks ago at Anfoega Akukome, the chief had cause to stop the performance of a dance group halfway after he expressed his disapproval with the unceremoniously indecent way in which they were displaying the ‘borborbor’ dance, reports the Spectator newspaper.
“There is something called protocol but I will break it. We don’t accept this type of dance here. Don’t come and perform this kind of dance in our midst ever again,” an angry Togbe Tepreh Hodo IV said when he grabbed the microphone from the MC.

According to the report, the performance of the group was going well until they got a signal from the Master of Ceremony (MC) to call it off.

This did not stop the group, who continued regardless, pushing the chief to call them to order by getting onto the microphone.

The report also added that this call-to-order by Togbe Tepre Hodoh IV was well received by the people gathered there as they believed that some of their traditions, like dances, are being corrupted by the younger generation.



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