Bagre Dam Spillage Submerges Nawuni Water Plant

The Ghana Water Company Limited in the Northern Region has stated that it will be forced to shutdown its plant at Nawuni in the Kumbungu district.

The Northern region could be hit with water crisis due to the submerging of the Nawuni plant by the spillage of the Bagre dam.

The Ghana Water Company Northern Regional Director , Ing. Amidu Musah told journalists that the company is supposed to shutdown the water plant at 36 feet and currently they have 35.75 feet.

“ so we are almost there but we hope that God will listen to our prayers so that we will not have to shutdown so when we shutdown completely it will make the place worse because at least we are taking some of the water for treatment so it’s helping the level so you can imagine if we shutdown the whole of the control room will be full with water.”

According to the Regional Director, on a normal day they are expected to produce about 45,000 cubic meters of water but currently they are producing 15,000 cubic per day because they are running one pump instead of three.

He indicated that when they produce the 45,000 cubic meters of water they have to rash it because the demand currently is about 90,000 a day.

“ Now we have dropped from 45,000 to 15,000 so you can imagine so we advise that when you get water store it and use it deliciously beside there are some critical institutions that we cannot deny them water so we will have to serve those institutions first.”

The heavy downpour and resultant floods in addition to the spillage of the Bagre dam have destroyed farm lands and displaced hundreds of residents in the Northern regions.


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