Bawumia Launches NDA Strategic Plan

Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has launched the 5-year Medium Term plan of the Northern Development Authority(NDA) in Tamale in the Northern region.

The 5-year Medium Term plan seeks to increase household incomes by 20 per cent through sustainable agricultural production systems, accelerate human development in the Northern regions through access to quality social services, and promote private sector actions capable of delivering broad-based and inclusive economic growth by 2025.

It is also to help sustain livelihoods by promoting capacity development across local communities on land governance, biodiversity conservation, and climate justice by 2025, enhance peace and social cohesion in the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone by 2025, and to create a professional transparent, thriving, and accountable institution that delivers on its mandate.

The first five objectives of the MTDS are guided by the Government’s Medium Term Development Framework (2022-2025) vision to “create an optimistic, self-confident and prosperous nation, through the creative exploitation of our human and natural resources, and operating within a democratic, open and fair society in which mutual trust and economic opportunities exist for all”, and aligned and will contribute to some of the Sustainable Development Goals and Africa Agenda 2063.

The document was launched at the 2022 edition of the Northern Ghana Development Summit and Investment themed, “Agenda for Rapid Transformation and Job Creation in a Secure and Peaceful Northern Ghana”.

Dr. Bawumia was optimistic that the Northern Development Authority shall contribute to the realization of the national vision and the global commitments that the country has signed noting that their contribution shall be measured by the number or percentage of people and households they can move from poverty and transform the lives of the people.

“ Creating opportunities for jobs and wealth can be realized if you anchor the implementation of the strategy on land governance, innovation, technology, and digitization processes that regenerate the environment and use. For this to be realized, you must create strong linkages between these six key strategic priorities and reorient our populations to adopt and adapt transformative norms, values, and principles that will trigger job creation, growth, and industrialization.”

The Vice President indicated that the government and chiefs in addressing peace in Dagbon remain a single effort that should serve as a template for Chiefs in the Northern Zone to work in partnership with the government to address insecurity and promote a cohesive society using the rich culture of northern Ghana.


“I, therefore, urge our revered Chiefs in Northern Ghana to use their traditional cultural linkages and ties which are based on partnerships, and collaboration to mobilize the energies of the youth and women to embrace this strategy and to work in oneness with NDA and Development partners to implement this strategy, “leaving no one behind”.

He revealed that the government is investing in TVET and other related initiatives that seek to build the capacity of the youth to drive the transformation agenda as espoused in the Medium-Term Strategy.

“ Investment in TVET education in line with government’s commitment to human capital development. This would help address unemployment and migration of the youth. I am happy that this summit is not only dedicated to discussing social development issues but the interlinkages and synergies between economic and social development.

The investment promotion part of this gathering tomorrow underscores the need to look beyond conventional ways of tackling socio-economic development. It departs from what we are accustomed to and makes serious efforts directed at incorporating a business case in addressing social development. This approach effectively tackles mixed-reality experiences about socio-economic development. Ladies and gentlemen.”

He commended the Northern Development Authority for putting together the Northern Ghana Development Summit and urged the Authority will go beyond this fair and take concrete steps to improve the business climate of Northern Ghana, create opportunities for the youth, and spur growth at all levels and in all locations.

“As we all know, a thriving business environment can play key roles in creating jobs, increasing household incomes, and reducing poverty and vulnerability. I will challenge the NDA to relentlessly pursue this and to endeavour to engender the necessary faith and confidence in the economy of Northern Ghana to succeed. I will also like to encourage the various exhibitors and entrepreneurs gathered here to explore the numerous opportunities that abound in the agricultural and food chain, eco-tourism, and other critical sectors in Northern Ghana, and make worthwhile investments.

The government will play its facilitation and enabling roles effectively to enable you to get good value for your investments.”

The Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Development Authority (NDA) Sumaila Abdul – Rahaman, said the Medium-Term Development Strategy of the Northern Development Authority (NDA) for 2023–2027 is organically integrated and indispensable to the implemented key national policies to attain the socio-economic transformation of Northern Ghana.

“ The NDA will emphasize social inclusion and diversity to enable wider employment opportunities for various populations across Ghana. The enhancement of climate justice and resilience will further reinforce the collective effort. In this pursuit, the NDA will mobilize broad allies of state and non-state actors. A multi-stakeholder approach will help to tackle the prevailing vulnerability and inequality among the most deprived social strata, namely underrepresented populations, and minority groups. In proposed actions within the Strategy, implementation falls into a mid-term plan that will help to build a resilient economy through interaction among various multi-stakeholder groups.”

The NDA CEO disclosed that by 2027, MTDS aims to increase household incomes across Northern Ghana by 20% by implementing sustainable agricultural production systems and further incentive concerns the acceleration of human development through the availability of social services in Northern Ghana.

“The delivery of broad-based and inclusive economic growth in the NSEZ requires sustainable livelihoods and socio-economic development of local communities. Climate justice and biodiversity conservation, cohesion, peace, and security are core priorities for Northern Savannah Ecological Zone. The development of professional and transparent institutions will ensure the attainment of these strategic goals by 2027.”

He stated that the strategic action will eliminate extreme forms of violence to reach peaceful co-existence and that the establishment of the Northern Ghana Peace Institute will empower the NDA on the security front.

“I am sure that along with multiple stakeholder groups, the NDA will manage to implement MTDS as the best-fit strategic accomplishment to achieve the most critical developments across Northern Ghana.”

Source: DGN


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