Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Nii Ashitey Ollenu Urges All To Get Screened

New Patriotic Party Candidate Hopeful for Ledzokuku Constituency,Nii Ashitey Ollenu,has called on all Ghanaians to take advantage of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to get screened. 

According to him, the early detection of cancer in the breast increases one’s chances of survivability hence the need to get screened.

“We all know the effects of breast cancer as we are all trying to create awareness of the effects on families.S I felt right to be part of this occasion to conduct a screening to support the awareness creation and to also offer support by helping to detect it early.

“That is why I am supporting MaudLokko Breast Cancer Foundation in this exercise. I will therefore urge everyone including men and women to take advantage of opportunities such as this occasion so the can be offered the necessary help at an early age; early detection saves lives,” he stated.

Mr Ollenu made this comment during a breast cancer screening exercise organised by MaudLokko Breast Cancer Foundation at Teshie Gonno School in the Ledzokuku Constituency on Sunday,October 23,2022.

The exercise was spearheaded by the CEO of the foundation,Mrs Susan Malik with the help of Mr. Ashitey Ollenu.

The month of October each year is globally marked as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to among other things raise awareness about the the disease and fund research into it’s causes, treatment and cure.

Source: ghanaweb


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