Buffer Stock has started supplying food to SHSs nationwide – Adutwum

Government says Senior High Schools across the country have started receiving food supplies from the National Food Buffer Stock Company.

According to the Education Minister, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, the Buffer Stock company has given assurances it would frequently supply food to the schools to avoid the usual food shortages recorded.

This comes after the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools in the Northern Region threatened to close down schools due to the non-release of funds for food items by the government.

“We had a meeting with the buffer stock two days ago, and they assured us that food will be going to the schools. I want to emphasise that the Ministry of Education is not directly in charge of food supply. The portion that we deal with is disbursing monies to the heads of the schools to take care of the 30% [perishable items]”.

“The other 70% is handled by the Buffer Stock company. I had a firm assurance from them that food items will be going to every school. I checked on some heads, and they confirmed that indeed they have started receiving the food items.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman of CHASS in the Northern Region, Reverend Edward Azeka Williams said although some of the schools have started receiving the food items, they “will be compelled to restrict students expected in the schools on September 4 from coming to school if the eleven-week funds needed for the running of the schools are not paid as promised by the government.”

Source: citinews


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