C/R: NPP delegates root for Ideal College Director for chairmanship position

The Central Region NPP recently elected party officers, constituency and polling station executives.
The party is prepared for Regional Executive elections on the 27th of May, 2022.
However, the Regional election of the party is likely to be well contested as the Director of Ideal College, Dr. Joseph Kobina Essibu is running for the Chairmanship position.
This follows assertions by some party’s regional and constituencies communicators on his candidature and how it will impact the 2024 general elections in the region.
According to the communicators, Central Region is ideally going to be managed if Dr. Joseph Kobina Essibu is elected into the high office.
They said the party in the region need to work extra hard to increase the percentage of votes as attained in the 2020 elections in order to break the ‘8’.
Dr. Joseph Kobina Essibu is an educationist and a philanthropist who has supported many people in diverse ways. He is known for the excellent performance of his students in examinations.


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