Carjacking:Head Pastor Must Be Invited For Questioning – Criminologist

Dr Jones Opoku-Ware, criminologist and lecturer at the Department of Sociology at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is urging the police to invite the leadership of the Good Hope Chapel International for questioning.

Dr Opoku-Ware believes the church failed to ensure the safety of its congregants adding that the police would have to consider the church leaders as persons of interest.

His comments come after an armed gang stormed the church premises, ordered a breastfeeding mother out of her vehicle and bolted with her eight-month-old baby inside.

The police have since mounted a search for the gunmen after reuniting the baby with the mother.

Describing the incident as worrying Dr Opoku-Ware believes the public and the police have separate roles to play in fighting crime in public places.

He said, “Once you have criminals targeting a certain group of people, it’s a cause to worry especially when the pattern suggests that there is consistency in that kind of crime. It’s something that everybody will have to be worried about. For me, going forward I think that we have to revise our approach in terms of crime targeting and crime control…”


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