Central Region: Heavy duty truck gets stuck on recently repaired Surowi bridge

A heavy-duty truck has been stuck on the Surowi bridge a few days after it was temporarily fixed to make way for the free flow of traffic.

The vehicle, with registration number GE 1352-10 according to sources, was heading towards Twifo Praso but got stuck in the late hours of Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

This made it difficult for vehicles heading to both Cape Coast and Twifo Praso to cross.

The Assemblyman for Jukwa West electoral area, Isaac Mensah Senior, fears the worst may happen if the vehicle is not towed from the bridge, immediately. He urged heavy-duty vehicles to use the Assin Fosu stretch for now, since they will not be able to cross the bridge due to the situation.

“After the collapse of our bridge, the Roads Minster came to visit and the contractor did a great job and now cars can use it… We made an announcement that following the repair work, no heavy-duty truck should use this stretch, but some drivers ignored it. Yesterday [Tuesday] around 7pm a heavy-duty truck got stuck in the laterite used on top of the bridge. Now we have just one way, only passenger cars and taxis can use the road,” he lamented.

The assemblyman further urged the government to ensure a permanent fix of the bridge to avert any disaster.

“I am entreating the heavy-duty trucks coming from Accra to use the Assin Fosu road. We want the authorities to come and permanently fix the bridge. This is a temporary fix,” he said.


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