Cheapest electricity cost: Ghana ranked 1st, 9th in West Africa, Africa

Ghana has been ranked 1st in West Africa and 9th in Africa with the cheapest cost of electricity for household.
According to Global Petrol Prices. Com, the country is also ranked 27th in the world.
The rankings are coming at a time when the utility tariff providers in the country are making a case for increase in utility tariffs.
The world average price of electricity is pegged at $0.133 per kilowatt/hour (kWh) for household users and $0.124 per kWh for business users.
In Ghana, the cost of electricity per kilowatt/hour for household is $0.046 cents which is less than a dollar.
The situation is similar to that of business consumers, though countries in the region have cheaper cost for electricity bill.
This clearly shows that the cost of electricity in the country for household, compared to other countries on the continent is very low.
That goes to buttress the point by the utility tariff providers for an imminent increase in electricity and water bills. Whilst the Electricity Company of Ghana is requesting for 148% increase in electricity tariff, covering 2019 and 2022, Ghana Water Company Limited is demanding for an increase of 334% in water tariff.
Meanwhile, Sudan has the cheapest electricity tariff in Africa and the World for household.
It is followed by Libya and Ethiopia in 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.
COUNTRY COST($) 100 cents =$1 RANKING
Sudan 0.002 1st
Libya 0.004 2nd
Ethiopia 0.007 3rd
Zimbabwe 0.013 4th
Angola 0.027 5th
Zambia 0.033 6th
Algeria 0.036 7th
Egypt 0.044 8th
Ghana 0.046 9th
Nigeria 0.057 10th
Tunisia 0.068 11th
Cameroon 0.080 12th
DR Congo 0.083 13th
Tanzania 0.098 14th
Botswana 0.103 15th
USA 0.159
UK 0.265
China 0.083

Source:Global Petrol Prices. Com


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