Chief Imam of Nanung inspects Bimbilla cemetery wall project

The Chief Imam of Nanung, Alhaji Abdul Somed has visited the Bimbilla cemetery to inspect the level of the wall project.

The project is being carried out to ward off encroachers.

The former Northern Regional Minister, Salifu Saeed donated 300 bags of cement and other materials for the construction of a fence wall around the cemetery to prevent further encroachment.

It’s been almost two months since work on the Bimbilla cemetery wall started.

Encroachment on the cemetery lands and other ungodly activities in the area were of serious concern for the people of Bimbilla.

The Chief Imam offered prayers for peace and unity in Nanung and the workers at the site. He also prayed for the former minister.

He called on all Nanumbas and other benevolent individuals to also support.

The chairman of the cemetery committee responsible for the execution of the wall, Chief Inusah Dasoli also extended the gratitude of the committee and the people of Bimbilla to the former minister and all those who have extended their support to the project.

“We express our profound gratitude to the former minister for the kind of support he has given us. The work is progressing steadily, and we also want to thank all those who supported us. May the Almighty Allah bless everyone. We still ask people who are willing to support to do so”.

Aside the provision of materials, many have also supported in providing food and water to the workers.

Some of the women who were there to carry blocks also shared their motivation with Citi News.


SOurce: citinews


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