Chieftaincy litigation against Sampa chief affecting development – Chiefs and residents appeal to Otumfuo to intervene

Sampa, a leading cashew growing area in the Jaman North District of the Bono Region, remains underdeveloped with bad roads, and a lack of educational and health infrastructure, among others.

According to the chiefs and people in the area, the situation is mainly attributed to the chieftaincy litigations which have resulted in a lack of a united front in pursuing a common developmental interest.

Tension is also rising in the area with some agitation from the people.

Traditional Area, Nana Kwame Lawfear II, explained, at a press briefing after a street protest that in their history, chiefs are selected from the only two royal gates – Nana Yaw Sammor-Duah and Nana Kofi Sono descendants, and they will resist any attempt to change history.

He, however, alleged that an emerging group from the Akwamu family had been laying claim to the stool resulting in the litigation for over land.
He further explained that the issues went to the Sunyani High Court, where the claimants lost the case leading to the installation of the current chief, Nana Yaw Sammor-Duah II, in 2015 after the necessary customary and traditional processes and rites were performed.

Not satisfied with the ruling, the issue has been brought before Otumfour Osei Tutu II, the chief of the Ashanti kingdom, for a resolution.

But the Abakomahene insists it is not suitable for anyone to continue challenging the legitimacy of the chief of the Sampa Traditional Area.

“I insist there is a chief in this area (Sampa). There is no other chief but Nana Yaw Sammor-Duah II, and I dare anyone who thinks otherwise,” he said.

“I am on my knees, and I appeal to Otumfuor to let the truth stand, and no attempt should be made to alter Sampa chieftaincy history. The truth will lead to peace in Sampa”.

Abraham Siemoh, the spokesperson for the Royal Family, expressed worry over how the chieftaincy issues, which started after the demise of his grandmother, the 13th Queen-mother of Sampa, Yaa Dzoka Kala II, have retarded the peace and development of the area.

“Our roads are not good, we can’t get the kind of schools we want, and we can’t call government appointees to account for revenues taken from the district, among many others,” he said.

He, however, said their chief, who could call them to order and lead the people to demand development to improve their lives, is being challenged, making it impossible for him to perform his functions as expected.

The Royal Spokesperson also appealed to the Asantehene and the four-man committee tasked to sit on the issues to ensure the right thing is done for the deserved person to rule.

The spokesperson and residents believe that the already installed Sampa chief, Nana Yaw Sammor-Duah is their rightful leader.

“Even though he is young and a student and has no money, he is the rightful chief and should be allowed to rule in peace. The people of Sampa are yearning for peace and development,” the royal spokesperson noted.

A resident who spoke to JoyNews said that despite Sama being the number one producer of cashew in Ghana they hardly benefit from the revenues.

He added that “because it shares a border with Cote D’Ivoire, there are security concerns as there is no unity on the chieftaincy front. It is our chief who should lead us to demand our share of development and peace, hence our appeal for the major stakeholders to ensure our chief is allowed to work.”

Another resident, Mercy Korankye, said the chieftaincy tension in the area continues to scare the women and children and also has a negative impact on their businesses and livelihood. She also urged the Asantehene to intervene so their chief can reign in peace.

Source: joyfmonline


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