Childhood obesity in urban communities mostly caused by traffic congestion – Nutritionist

A Nutritionist at Nestlé Ghana, Dr. Margaret Mary Tohoueno, has stated that the heavy traffic in urban localities is one of the majority contributing factors to childhood obesity in these communities.

Dr. Tohoueno explained that the heavy traffic in urban communities causes obesity in children because it affects the way they eat, reports.

She added that because of the heavy traffic most children leave their home very early without being fed and are instead given money which they use for unhealthy food.

“Our cities are expanding and people moving from rural areas to the cities. One would wake up at dawn to drive from Tema to Accra and the traffic situation, one would have to endure before arriving in Accra and both parents are working, so they are not at home, so the kids are getting to school very early and come back very late in the evening.
“So all these put together is causing dietary patterns to shift. They give money to the kids to buy food when they get to school, and they use it to buy these pieces of stuff which may not be a balanced diet they buy when they get to school,” Dr. Tohoueno is quoted to have said on the

The Nutritionist further stated that children in urban centres are obsessed because they do not engage in a lot of physical activities.

She added that children after sitting in classrooms for several hours, return home and sit behind the television or their mobile phone which means they sit virtually the whole day.


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