Christian Atsu’s wife shares black and white family photos to mourn her late husband

Christian Atsu’s wife who is a German singer, author and dancer has definitely come across the numerous criticisms from Ghanaians for not being in the country to mourn with her late husband’s family.
Reacting to the cold and rude comments from some social media users, Marie-Claire Rupio, who has been married to the Ghanaian footballer for about 11 years, has taken to social media to mourn her husband.

The lovely photos include a shot of the late winger with their daughter and others which captures Atsu with herself and their two sons.

Marie posted the black and white photos on her instastory.

All her posts came with no caption which tells how she may be out of words to express the kind of grief she is going through with her family.

It is believed that this is a reply to the critics who have been on her neck to come to Ghana to mourn her late husband since the day the report of Atsu’s death surfaced online.

Take a look at the pictures below to know more…

It is expected, per the norms of Ghanaian Traditional customs, that the wife of the deceased Ghanaian International Player Christian Atsu Twasam, Clarie Rupio be present to mourn with the family.

The wife of Atsu – in this case, the widow – must stop whatever she is/may be engaged in and be present in Ghana to commiserate with the family on the death of the player but to date, she is not here.

Though Clarie Rupio, has spoken for the first time after her husband’s body was retrieved from the rubble, her physical presence together with the children would be most appreciated and needed.

One cannot tell the reason why up-to-date Rupio has failed to show up in Ghana. Her culture and Ghana’s differ and thus until Atsu’s family connects with her and teaches her the norms of the land, she may not be here.

However, per checks, the wife may touch down together with her children at the scheduled one-week of Christian Atsu on March 4th as arrangements are underway.

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