Christmas: Holiday makers defy COVID-19 protocols, crowd at beaches in Cape Coast

Holiday makers who thronged the beaches in Cape Coast on Monday and Tuesday defied the COVID-19 safety protocols as they engaged in all kinds of Christmas activities.

Swimmers of all ages were treated to traditional Ghanaian songs as they showed their swimming skills, experience and bravery to the admiration of hundreds of onlookers.

The fun makers also moved about with members of the opposite sex in the town centre, pubs and entertainment venues across the Cape Coast Metropolis.

A quick count by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) indicated only three out of about 100 people wearing nose masks.

Wearing of nose mask is one of the safety guidelines to protect the populace from contracting the dreaded COVID-19.

The blatant disregard for COVID-19 protocols was apparent at the Levels Pub at Ekon through Italian Pub at Anaafo, Hutchland and Heritage bars along the Cape Coast-Elmina Highway.

Striking notices of ‘No Smoking,’ ‘Avoid Excessive Drinking,’ and ‘Mobile Money Services,’ caught the eye but there was nothing like “No Mask, No Entry’ or the display of handwashing stations, sanitizers and tissue papers.

Social distancing arrangements were totally thrown to the wind as many were seen hugging, shaking hands, and whispering into each other’s ears with careless abandon.

Some avid party lovers, who had not received their COVID-19 jabs, told the GNA that they did not believe that the pandemic still existed and were tired of wearing nose mask every day.

Mr Samuel Mensah, in the company of his wife and two children, who were unmasked, said wearing the nose and face masks caused discomfort, hence their decision to remove them to have fun.

Some managers of pubs and popular joints who spoke on condition of anonymity pleaded with the government to allow them to operate to make some money this Christmas.

Source: GNA


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