Churches must address issues of childlessness – Rev Isaac Kwesi Asante Adjei

The author of the books ‘Ministering to Childless Couples’ and ‘Escaping Infertility through Lifestyle’, Rev. Isaac Kwesi Asante Adjei has shared his opinions on the need for every church to address the issue of fertility.

From his point of view, churches must change their mindset from thinking infertility is taboo and treat such an issue as an emergency.

He included that, the church by doing this will bring on board a number of women facing fertility problems to share their stories.

In an interview with Stacy Amoateng on Restoration with Stacy, he addressed ways by which the church can deal with the issue of childlessness.

According to him, one way the church can address childness is to get people who have gone through such situations and understand the dynamics to address the couples who are finding it difficult to give birth.

“The church as an institution must break the ice on childlessness. It is a taboo subject, we don’t talk about it meanwhile it affects people so the church must talk about childlessness, get people who have gone through or people who understand the dynamics to talk about it so that those who are going through childlessness will feel at ease to discuss them”, he lamented.

Another way Rev. Isaac Asante raised was the church organizing small groups for people facing fertility issues to they can all voice out their problems and also receive inspiration from one another.

He stated, “The church must organize those who are childless into small groups and should be only people who are childless themselves so that when we meet, we can share our stories. Because everyone has a story but who do you talk to but when you have people with the same soup, then we can share our stories, draw strength from one another and be encouraged by ourselves”.

Rev. Isaac Kwesi Asante Adjei urged the church to take his last statement seriously, which is the creation of small groups for people who are finding it difficult to bear children.

According to him, it worked for him and his wife and it was through that they were blessed with their first child after close to six (6) years of marriage.


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