Consolidating our gains


We have no reason not to thank the Almighty for having led us through our difficulties, falling into potholes, hardships, stripping over rocks and sufferings.

We have no reason not to lift our hands into the air with much joy and pride.

We have no reason not to shout our hearts out, a mixed picture of progress and setbacks, marked by democratic stability, economic woes, and corruption.

Despite our economic strife we have come this far. Even though we did not make humble beginnings, we are still sure of a humble nation.

Gold coast was the first black African nation to be granted independence by the British on the eve of 6th March 1957. Gold coast was renamed Ghana after an ancient West African kingdom which flourished from 300AD to 1100AD. The collective sacrifices of our forefathers, forebearers, and our historic first leader Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has indeed brought us this far.

Independence day marks the declaration of our ideals of the quest for a restoration of the Ghanaian cultural values and celebrating the end of colonial rule, that joyous night and what defines us as a people.

The late osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declared our nation free in these carefully chosen immemorial words:

At long last, the battle has ended! And thus, Ghana your beloved country is free forever! And yet again, I want to take the opportunity to thank the people of this country; the youth, the farmers, the women who have so nobly fought and won the battle. Also, I want to thank the valiant ex-service men who have so cooperated with me in this mighty task of freeing our country from the foreign rule and imperialism. And, as I have pointed out……from now on, today, we must change our attitudes and our minds. We must realize that from now on we are no longer a colonial but free and independent people. But also, as I pointed out, that also entails hard work. That new African is ready to fight his own battles and show that after all the black man is capable of managing his own affairs.

We were freed from oppression, colonial pressures and undue processes of freedom and justice. Ghana ages 63 with strength and not weakness, the world’s second largest producer of cocoa, and Africa’s second largest producer of gold.

We shall soon sneeze for the rest of Africa to catch cold with our patriotism, respect for human dignity and fundamental rights, hosiptality, equality and sacrifice.

The preamble:
‘God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong’ is generally undergirded by a system that promotes unity, vision, value and attitudes in various facets of our lives- political, economic habits, environmental, traditional practices to build up democracy at all levels, inspired to public participation and fight corruption.

Wishing all Ghanaians a happy 63rd anniversary.
May God bless us all.
Long live Ghana!!
Long live President Akufo-Addo!!!
Long live the lovely people of Ghana!!!!

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  1. Indeed amidst the hardships, the setbacks and the sufferings the Ghanaian people has it all to thank for !!! Nice one there. Go higher.

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