COVID-19: Public Services Commission urges firms to adopt flexible working schedules

The Public Services Commission has directed all institutions under it to immediately provide flexible working hours to all public workers as part of measures in dealing with the spread of COVID-19.

In a memo to public service organizations, the Commission asked for measures such as shifts or rotation of workers to be adopted to reduce the number of workers reporting to the office.

It also suggested that non-critical face-to-face meetings should be moved to communication methods like virtual meetings and emails during this period.

This forms part of efforts to obey directives by the President regarding safety measures and protocols to be observed by the citizenry to combat COVID-19.

According to the memo, “it is important to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all public officers in the performance of their duties.”

“This should be done while ensuring that business continuity plans are put in place and operational in order to provide continuous delivery of valuable services to meet their organizational mandates and goals,” the Commission added.

The Commission further urged all organizations to “continue to provide items sanitizers, alcohol, soap, running water, paper towels and proper waste disposal receptors among others to their staff and visitors in the workspaces and all entry points.”


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