Dead Baby Dumped On Refuse Dump

RESIDENTS OF Asafo in the Subin Constituency woke up to a heartbreaking news of a baby dumped on a refuse site in the area last Wednesday morning.

The baby girl, believed to be about two years old, was covered with a white cloth and placed in a paper box when she was found around 6am.

A worker at the refuse dump discovered the baby already dead and quickly blew the alarm, attracting scores of curious people in Asafo to the scene.

Some of the people, especially the women, were seen shedding tears as they watched the innocent baby girl, lying motionless at the filthy place.

It is not known whether the baby was still alive when she was dumped at the site or dead at the time of being abandoned at the location.

A section of the people at the scene were heard raining insults and curses on the woman responsible for the heartless act.

Ernest Okai, the Assemblyman for Asafo Electoral Area, expressed concern over the incident and said the matter has been reported to the police.

He said on Akoma FM that information reaching him indicated that a certain woman was seen with a sick child around the Asafo Interchange area on Tuesday afternoon.

“That particular woman was said to have complained that her child was suffering from pneumonia and it is not known if that woman dumped her baby at the refuse dump to die,” he stressed.

Ernest Okai assured that residents of Asafo would support the security agencies to help find the culprit for the law to deal with her.


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