Demo held in Tamale to protest ‘hardship’ in Ghana

Some residents in the Northern Region have embarked on a demonstration in the capital, Tamale.

The demonstration, dubbed “miisim demo” to wit “hardship demo” is to draw the attention of the Nana Akufo-Addo-led government to the current economic hardship in the Northern Region and the country at large.

There have been concerns by various groups and individuals about the current economic situation in the country, resulting in price hikes on goods and services.

One of the convenors of the demonstration, Prof. Jaspa Binduya Ayalazuni in a Citi News interview blamed the government of mismanaging the economy, resulting in excruciating hardship on the Ghanaian citizens.

“If they are not solving the problems, it is the right of citizens to use all legitimate modes of drawing attention of those duty bearers,” he said.

“Whether it will solve the problems or not, it is a legitimate way of holding leaders accountable,” Prof. Jaspa Binduya Ayalazuni added.


Source: citinews


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