Don’t Be Passive Passengers –MTTD Boss

THE ASHANTI Regional MTTD Commander, Supt Emmanuel Adu Boahen, has urged passengers not to look unconcerned for reckless drivers to cause carnage on the roads.

According to him, passengers have the right to politely query drivers when they detect reckless actions on the roads, to help prevent crashes on the roads.

“Be active passengers, don’t be passive passengers who would look unconcerned for a driver of a vehicle they are traveling on, to crash the vehicle and cause injuries and deaths.”

The Ashanti Regional MTTD Commander, was reacting to recent spate of road accidents and how the public can partner the police to stem the tide.

According to him, for the that fact that the Ashanti Region was leading all the 16 regions in the country in terms of road carnage and its attendant fatalities, was not the best record and said they would work hard to reverse the trend.

“Statistics show that the Ashanti Region leads in accident fatalities and this should be a concern for all. In this case the passengers have roles to play to stop the crashes when the drivers are going wayward.

“Passengers should not sleep throughout the journey, especially when you are on a long journey. Be active passengers so that when something is going wrong you can alert the driver. You can also report the driver to the nearest police post of the road,” he added.


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