ECG disconnects fish farm of 2020 National best Aquaculture winner

The national revenue mobilization taskforce of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) travelled about 100km to disconnect the fish farm of Ghana’s 2020 National best Aquaculture farmer, Flosell farms, in the Ada district over GH₵180,000 debt.

The fish farm is located about 150 meters from the bank of the Volta Lake near Vume in the Volta region, which has over 40 ponds for rearing fingerlings. It also has a huge dugout pond used to stock fish. The farmer is mainly into tilapia production.

The farm relies on electricity-powered water pump machines connected to the lake to pump fresh water into the ponds.

The two ECG accounts are owed about GH₵180,000. The owner of the farm persistently called the taskforce to arrive at a resolution on the debt, but the taskforce was adamant and only insisted on collecting over 50% of the debt.

The two accounts were disconnected from the source pole. The ECG is not relenting to retrieve about GH₵5.7 billion debt target by April 20.

The power distributor is on a mission to recover monies owed by customers in order to redeem its indebtedness to independent power producers.

The exchange fluctuations have contributed hugely to debts as well as system losses. The Managing Director of the ECG, Samuel Dubik Mahama, has noted in an earlier interview with Citi News that any customer who fails to pay their debt will be disconnected.

SOurce: citinews


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