Economic Fighters League reiterates call for review of 1992 Constitution

A pressure group, the Economic Fighters League, has added its voice to calls for a review of the 1992 Constitution.

The leader of the pressure group explained that the constitution in its current form does not represent the aspiration and developmental agenda of Ghanaians.

Four political parties have already reiterated the need for the 1992 Constitution to be amended to improve the governance system of the country.

According to the parties, the review of the Constitution was long overdue to enhance the country’s democratic process, after 30 years of the birthing of the 1992 Constitution.

Speaking to Citi News, the Leader of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah said current developments in Ghana’s democratic dispensation call for a constitutional review.

“Our Constitution does not represent us. That’s what we have been saying all the while that we need a constitution that represents us, our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Is this too much to ask? If they are going to make these peaceful avenues we are employing fruitless, we will be triggered to go all out to get our sentiments addressed.”

He also noted that any review of the constitution should allow the permissible age to run for the presidency at 18 years and above.

“If an 18-year-old is capable of voting and choosing who becomes leader of the nation, that 18-year-old should equally have the opportunity to be elected and at the end of the day it is not going to be imposed. It is the people who are going to decide.”


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