ELEVATE WOMEN’S NETWORK (EWN) Vehemently condenms threats and unwarranted denigrating attacks meted on Madam Jean Mensah, a fellow woman, a mother and chairperson of The Electoral Commisson Of Ghana by The self Acclaimed Man Of God, Apostle Kwabena Owusu Agyei  Caotured On A Viral Tape On Social Media.
“To negotiate with forces that are hostile on matters of principle means to sacrifice principle itself. Principle is indivisible. It is either wholly kept or wholly sacrificed. The slightest concession on matters of principle implies the abandonment of principle.” ~Kwame Nkrumah.
The rank and file of the Elevate Women’s Network unequivocally wishes to condemn the unwarranted attacks and threats of deaths meted on Madame Jean Mensah, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission by a certain Apostle Kwabena Owusu Adjei, a known NDC sympathizer, who was captured on tape throwing insults and threatening to kill her. The sad video which was broadcasted viral about a fortnight ago has left the nation in a state of uproar and fear as the sentiments shared by this self-acclaimed Apostle does not only undermine Women in Leadership but also serve as a bad example of the enemies against the societal development of all women in all sectors of Ghana. Since Independence, women across Ghana have been instrumental in shaping the fortunes of this nation in various capacities. Women in Ghana constitute more than half of Ghana’s population (51.2%) yet are the most marginalized when it comes to leadership and decision making within our political landscape.
According to the UNPD Reports (as at 06 December 2016), Ghana has only 31 of its 275 parliamentarians as women with less than 30% being Ministers of State and District Chief Executives. This can be attributed to factors such as leadership roles which are still seen as being more masculine, indicating that societies should be led by men, thereby relegating women into the background of political decision making in Ghana. In addition, the unequal playing field created by political parties, is a disadvantage to women. These ratings have been improved by the current president H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and worth commending though there is more room for improvement.
The abuse and disgrace meted on Madame Jean Mensah is shameful and should never find space in our political democracy. Thus far, Madame Jean Mensah has conducted herself professionally in accordance with the tenets of our constitution relevant to her office. The Electoral Commission was accepted to be independent under a man hence should be left independent under a woman too. Today across the world women are celebrated rather than been undermined and have found their place at the global decision making table, how then is Ghana different? It is women that will feel and best understand the pain and agony Madame Jean Mensah is going through as her children and husband look up to her vis a vis such insults and incriminations. This culprit must be made to face the full rigours of the law to ensure that no woman ever again goes through this miserable ordeal.
We wish to use this opportunity to call on all women in Ghana to stand up to the occasion as we have done in the past supporting our husbands, fathers and brothers to defend and protect the fundamental human rights and dignity of a fellow woman. If it had been a man in the same office, his gender will not have been used to castigate him. This is a sacrilege, not only on women in Ghana, but on the efforts of government and the international community at safeguarding the interest of women in governance and encouraging increased women participation in Ghana.
We stand with Madame Jean Mensah in these times and will in all capacities of ours, demonstrate our disgust and will speak out on any form of injustice. We call on relevant stakeholders in the fight against women empowerment such as various NGOs, Ministry of Gender, all political parties, government and security services to join in the protest of our displeasure towards the various forms of abuse and castigations against Madame Jean Mensah by Mr. Kwabena Owusu Adjei, a self-acclaimed man of God and astute sympathizer of the NDC.


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