Firefighters’ timely intervention averts gas explosion on Takoradi Highway

The timely intervention of the Ghana National Fire Service averted what could have been a catastrophic fire incident on the Takoradi Highway.

Firefighters from the Sekondi Metropolitan Station swiftly responded to an accident involving a fuel tanker truck with registration number GT 1670 – 11, containing 27,000 litres of diesel, which had fallen on its side, spilling fuel on the highway.

They arrived within six minutes to contain the situation.

The team stood by and cooled the bulk tank with water while deploying foam to manage the fuel spillage for close to two hours to bring the situation under control.

No casualty was recorded, as the driver and his mate were not in the truck when the incident occurred.

Preliminary investigation suggests that the fuel tanker truck was about to discharge its content at the Effia Summer Lodge Avenue Pacific Fuel Station when it reversed on its own, crossed the road, and landed on its side over a drain with its head suspended in the air.

The Police were called in to prevent residents from siphoning the spilled diesel fuel.

Source: citinews


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