Free SHS Will Help Change Socio Economic Structure Of Our District -Tain Chiefs

Chiefs in the Tain Traditional Area have hailed the significant impact of free SHS policy on their community.

At a durbar of Chiefs on Thursday, September 24, 2020, in Nsawkaw, the Chiefs said free SHS has made it possible for their children to access secondary education.

“The people of Tain are so grateful for your Free SHS. Today, most of our people are getting free education and that will help us,” said Daasebre Okogyeaman Duodu Ampem III, Nsawkaw Chief, who spoke on behalf of the Tain Chiefs.

The Chiefs said as a poor and marginalised community, the Free SHS policy will help transform the community.

“It will help to change the socio-economic structure of our district,” Daasebre Okogyeaman said.

While commending the government for its educational intervention, the Chiefs urged the government to continue to do more to bridge the gap in social differences in the country, especially in their community.

“We are part of the marginalised; very poor, low income. So then, every effort that the government will undertake to help us is very critical. Your programs should be geared towards alleviating poverty in poor communities like Tain.”

The Chiefs acknowledged government’s ongoing project of building a cashew factory in the area, and also appealed to government to have a second look at the pricing of Cashew to help cashew farmers in the area.

“We grow cashew and we know there is an attempt to build a cashew factory for us; it is in the process and we are waiting for it.”

“We also want you to do something about cashew prices because the cashew farmers are complaining of the pricing.”


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