Ga Central: Homes demolished to make way for Anyaa to Antie-Aku, Santa Maria roads

The Ga Central Municipal Assembly has demolished buildings, hampering the construction of the Anyaa to Antie-Aku and Santa Maria roads.

According to the assembly, the immediate demolition of the structures will help the contractor on the project to expedite work.

Speaking to the media during the exercise, Municipal Chief Executive for Ga Central, Mohammed Bashiru Kamara stressed that the occupants of the buildings were given ample time to relocate.

Mr. Kamara also said the demolition was “long overdue.”

“By the close of next week, the drain works will reach here, we will not allow the two buildings to be a hindrance to the progress and development to the progress of the community.”

Some tenants in the area, however, said their landlord did not give them enough notice to relocate from the area.

“They were going to demolish, and they didn’t inform us? I was here all of last week, and they didn’t to tell me anything. Today, how much of my property can I move,” one woman said.

Source: citinews


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