Germany: Customs officials find roasted antelopes in Ghanaian’s bag

Customs officials in Munich, Germany, confiscated two roasted whole antelopes found inside an air passenger’s luggage from Ghana.
The passenger – a Ghanaian woman claimed she needed them as a ‘snack’ after the officials found the carcass when she was checked through security and customs at the airport.

As her bag was x-rayed, officials were shocked to see two roasted antelope bodies crushed so they would fit inside the bag.

The Mirror reports that Photos taken of the antelopes show one of their legs crushed and twisted, as well as its head pulled back.

The passenger explained to customs that antelopes are considered a delicacy in her country and claimed that she had packed the animals as a snack for the long journey.

But due to the animal health regulations in Germany, custom officers were required to confiscate the antelope for immediate destruction.

A spokesperson for the Customs Headquarters in Munich Thomas Meister said in a statement: “Such a seizure is something extraordinary.”

Antelope meat is highly popular and is served like any other meat dish. Antelope meat can be served as a stew, made into meatballs, or as a kebab. But it is most well known to be hunted and either smoked or dried.


Source: mirror


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