Ghana to introduce virtual police station, says IGP

Ghana has plans to introduce a virtual police station to make it possible for the public to file complaints online, the Inspector-General of Police announced on Thursday at a public lecture.

Dr George Akuffo Dampare said it is going to be part of efforts to ensure that the police render effective service as part of its transformation agenda.

Speaking at a public lecture at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Dampare said: “We are looking forward to a period where we will have virtual police station. Where you don’t have to show up at the police station.”

“You just make your complain virtually and then we will send you all the information. And we can even virtually also invite the suspect which is data

“And we evaluate and think that it is something that we can virtually do it than to show up at the police station and be unattended to and all that. So, we have a lot of work to do, but internally with a press of a button you can send messages to every police officer across the country instantly,” the police chief said.

“From headquarters to regional level we send documents electronically that we need not to find people to come pick it up and do that,” Dampare added.

Corruption tag
Dampare also said the police administration will continue to reject the tag that it is the most corrupt institution in the country.

“They say we are corrupt,” he said. “A problem identified is half the solution, we’ve never said that there are not a couple of people who are doing things in a corrupt way, tarnishing the image of the service, we have never said that.”

“We are doing all we can to handle it and we will never accept the part that we are the most corrupt institution in the country, it is unfounded,” he said.

“At the appropriate time we will keep responding to them, but we will also keep working at the things that people will over the years have used against us and make us feel uncomfortable when it comes to the issue of corruption.”


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