Ghinger Healthcare Software Launched To Ease Stress On Patients

Healthcare delivery is about to take another turn for the better with Ghinger Software, launched specifically to cater to the needs of patients and reduce the stress of having to hospital perennially before they can be attended to.

At a press briefing at La Villa Boutique in Accra, the team of medical experts behind the platform explained the need and importance of patients especially the aged sometimes receiving the best of healthcare at the comfort of their homes.

In an interview, the COO stated why people should choose Ghinger. “As a healthcare company, we hold ourselves to strict ethical standards and ensure that we demonstrate fair business practices in every aspect of our work,”

” We focus on training all our employees and health professionals to adhere to these standards and collect feedback from clients at all times to ensure satisfactory service.”

When registered on the platform, which can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store, it gives users (patients) the opportunity to have a conversation with experts, following the objective of providing the best mobile-based service for convenience and less stress.

Ghinger, as explained by the team, focuses on all patients but the aged are at the heart of the experts behind the platform because they need extra care in the healthcare delivery which most at times is hard to get when they have to frequent the hospitals themselves sometimes with or without support from close relatives.

The platform doesn’t only bring doctors to your home, they also make provision for a visit to the hospital if the conditions can’t be handle at home. Hence, Ghinger provides the following services; medical appointment, ordering and delivery of medication, allocation of a personal doctor, consultation via video and more.



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