GIMPA Faculty of Law, ACCA partner to bridge gap between law and finance

The faculty of law of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in partnership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) have held a maiden business leaders forum with the aim of linking law and finance for sustainable development.

The event was held at Alisa hotel on Thursday 13 April 2023, on the back of a key proposition to link two professions; law and finance, to support the sustainable development of the country.

Timely collaboration

Addressing the attendees at the opening ceremony, Dean of the GIMPA law faculty, Dr Kwaku Agyeman Budu profoundly commended the membership and leadership of ACCA Ghana for the timely and strategic collaboration with GIMPA which has culminated in the organization of what he says is an all-important conversation.

Mr. Slovo Tia addressing participants at the forum
“The intersection of law and finance is a critical aspect of any thriving economy, and it is essential to ensure that businesses and governments work together to promote sustainable development. Businesses and governments are inextricably linked, and the success of one depends on the other.

“For Businesses to flourish, they require a stable and conducive legal environment that promotes innovation, protects intellectual property rights, and fosters fair competition.

“Conversely, governments depend on businesses to generate revenue, create jobs, and spur economic growth. In this regard, linking law and finance is crucial in promoting sustainable development” Dr Agyeman-Budu said.

“Among others, this forum is to develop human capital through policy and other relevant areas of interest of these professions, especially where both converge.

“Undeniably, platforms like this allow stakeholders in academia, policy, industry, and practice – just as all of us here gathered, to forge the required synergies which amplify our collective capacities to contribute to the socio-economic development of Ghana.

Mr. Tuinese Edward Amuzu during his presentation
“I am pleased that the GIMPA Law Faculty is a part of this epoch-making project, and I hope that it will bring real and lasting results to all of us involved.

“On the part of the GIMPA Faculty of Law, I assure you that our faculty members, students, and the entire community, in furtherance of this partnership, will provide expert and technical inputs in the relevant subject and action areas, whilst we engage ACCA members to partake as experts in other areas of relevance to the legal profession” he added.

Academic opportunities

The dean of the GIMPA law faculty in his address further noted that “in addition to the valuable knowledge and insights that will be shared by facilitators, it is his hope that the “platform will allow ACCA members who want to become lawyers to apply to the GIMPA Law Faculty” in their “full-time or Part-time program”.

“As the Dean of the GIMPA Law Faculty, I assure you that there will be further engagements and action on relevant areas of mutual interest between the ACCA and the faculty” Dr Agyeman-Budu said.


Dr Agyeman-Budu in his address expressed his profound gratitude to all the distinguished facilitators- renowned practitioners in their respective fields, such as the chairperson of the ACCA Network Panel, Mrs. Audrey Naa Dei Kotey, his colleague faculty members Mr. Tuinese Edward Amuzu and Mr. Slovo Tia, who took time out of their busy schedules to provide invaluable support for the project.

“I urge you to actively participate in the discussions, engage with our speakers, and share your insights and experiences. Together, we can create a vibrant and engaged legal and accounting community that is well-equipped to address the developmental challenges and embrace the opportunities of our time” Dr Agyeman-Budu remarked.


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