Gomoa: 21 persons injured after road crash on Accra-Cape Coast highway

21 people have been injured after a Sprinter Benz bus collided with a VW Jetta saloon car on the Accra Cape Coast stretch between Gomoa Kyerekwanta and Gomoa Antaadze on Tuesday.

According to the District Fire Officer for Goma West at the Apam Fire Station, Assistant Chief Fire Officer Grade 2, Adolf Ankomah Nuamah, the driver of the VW Jetta saloon car was said to be sleeping due to fatigue when he collided with the rear of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter bus, causing it to somersault and causing injuries.

A similar incident occurred on the same stretch two days ago, resulting in the death of a female victim and the treatment of others who were injured.

“We received a distress call. We rushed to the place and saw the vehicles involved in the accident. Nobody has died but 10 females and 11 males were injured.”



SOurce: citinews


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