Heavy storm rips off science block, five classrooms at Huni-Valley SHS

Heavy rain that fell around 3:40pm on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, ripped off the roof of the science block of the Huni-Valley Senior High in the Western Region.

The block houses the school’s Biology, Chemistry, and Physics laboratories.

The rainfall severely impacted the science block, which also houses five classrooms used by SHS 3 students.

The incident occurred at a time when final-year students are eagerly awaiting the start of their first mock exams on Thursday, March 30.

A source told Citi News, learning materials in laboratories and classrooms have been exposed to rain, while electricity poles in the school have been impacted.

Some surrounding communities have been left in the dark.

The violent rainstorm wreaked havoc on nearby communities such as Amoanda in the Prestea-Huni-Valley Municipality, as well as individual homes.


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