Henry Quartey: No compensation for victims of CSIR Frafraha demolition

The Greater Accra regional minister, Henry Quartey, has said persons whose properties were destroyed on a parcel of land belonging to the Animal Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) at Frafraha will not be compensated.

The regional security council (REGSEC) on Wednesday (22 June) demolished hundreds of structures on the 200-acre land after the occupants failed to heed to the 48-hour ultimatum to relocate.

Some of the encroachers have alleged they are the rightful owners of the land, adding that they purchased the land from “someone”.

However, speaking to sit-in host Benjamin Offei-Addo on The Asaase Breakfast Show on Thursday (23 June), Quartey said the victims were squatters.

“Assuming Asaase is sitting on a 200-acre land that you have fenced and there is a gate and somebody moves in with impunity and builds foundation and after several warnings they don’t listen to you, then you get the law on your side to demolish the structures, will you compensate them?” the minister asked.

“Somebody has built his property, it is a government land and and people have the effrontery and impunity to use even the main gate and they are building in broad daylight. What should be done to them, and there is a law that mandates the assembly to go in there and pull it down. The law didn’t say they should be compensated,” Quartey said.


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