Ho: Chief of staff breaks ground for construction of doctors’ bungalow

The chief of staff, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, has cut the sod for the construction of a residential facility for doctors in the Ziavi community of the Ho municipality.

The project, a community-led initiative, is expected to enhance the quality of care at the clinic. It won the support of Osei-Opare, whom the people have adopted as a development leader.

The sod cutting ceremony was used to mark this year’s Awazorli festival. The chief of staff, who was the guest of honour at the colourful durbar, commended the united resolve to promote the community’s image as a self-helping society.

She said quality accessible healthcare in the development of any society remains paramount to the government’s “comprehensive strategy to achieve an equitable, sustainable” healthcare infrastructure in the country.

She said: “The Agenda 111, the government’s ambitious healthcare expansion project, has become the biggest infrastructure ever, by any government; the largest healthcare infrastructure investment.”

Complementing government’s efforts
Osei-Opare added that the community’s initiative, thus, resonates with the vision, and that the project will be realised to complement government’s efforts.

She donated GHC50,000 and assured the community of her continuous and unflinching support. She presented four laptops for use in the community’s senior high school.

In the past, she supported the community to construct a classroom block.

“I would like to assure you of my sincerest commitment to completing whatever we have started in Ziavi,” she stated.

The rotational Awazorli festival was instituted by the Ziavis and other groups of the Ewe tribe (Botoku, Mepe and Etordome) that shared a common migratory journey from the ancestral home of Glime in Nortsie.

Although now these groups live in different locations within and outside the region, a united front, established in 1980, birthed the annual celebration.

Togbe Kwaku Ayim, paramount chief of Ziavi, said the name of the festival translates into “war march.” It serves as a rallying point for common development among the sister communities.

He added that with the festival as a vehicle, sister communities continue to benefit from support for development projects and initiatives for educational, economic and social growth.

The people of Mepe received support to develop their market. Similarly, the people of Etordome received support during their community centre project.

Togbe Ayim said the Ziavi community will continue to honour Osei-Opare for her wholehearted dedication and will collaborate to develop the community.

Togbe Adzanye, Dutorfia of Ziavi Dzogbe, is supporting the Ziavi Health Project with GH¢40,000. He has already provided beds for the health centre.

Present at the celebration were Archibald Yao Letsa, Volta regional minister, and Divine Bosson, Ho Municipal Chief Executive and other dignitaries.


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