Hunter’s Bullet Misses Rat, Injures 2 People

A HUNTER is in trouble after a bullet he fired to kill a rat, missed its target and hit two people instead, causing injuries to them.

Suspect Kwabena Abanga Anthony was arrested after the incident which occurred at Agya Nkrumah’s Cottage near Ankaase in the Ashanti Region on October 19, 2022.

The two victims, identified by the police as Isaac Ayaabah, 27 and Suleimana Abukari, 32, were hit by pellets from Abanga’s gun.

The two were treated and discharged as the suspect was caged by police for investigations.

It said around 7pm on the said day, the two people were walking from their Cottage to Ankaase when some pellets hit them suddenly.

“Both Ayaaba and Sulemana got wounded in the process so they reported the case to the police,” the Tepa District Police report noted.

Later on, the police document indicated that the two people detected that “it was Kwabena Abanga Anthony, a hunter, who fired the bullet. Police proceeded to Ankaase and arrested suspect Kwabena Abanga Anthony, 42, and one unlicensed single barrel gun was retrieved from him.”

It said the suspect explained that he “intended to shoot a rat and suddenly the gun accidentally fired into the bush and the pellets hit the victims.”

Medical forms were issued to the two victims to seek immediate treatment at the hospital.

Investigations into the case is still ongoing.

Source: DGN


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