I was not involved in the Agyapa deal – Kissi Agyebeng

I was not involved in the Agyapa deal – Kissi Agyebeng
Date: Jul – 22 – 2021 , 11:57BY: Kweku Zurek
The Special Prosecutor nominee Mr Kissi Agyebeng has denied allegations that he was involved in the Agyapa Royalties deal.
According to him, the suggestion that he is the surrogate of a law firm that was involved in the transaction came from an uninformed position.

“Whoever says I am a surrogate of a law firm or implicates me in the Agyapa transaction clearly does not know me. Because, if you know me you wouldn’t make such allegations,” Mr Agyebeng told Parliament’s Appointment Committee today.

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“And so all these things that came up, came from uninformed positions cos (sic) I was not involved in the Agyapa transaction in any form or manner or any stretch of the imagination, however fertile.

“As for relationships, as I just disclosed, the fact that I was so close to you at some point in our lives, will not give you a free pass because of that relationship and that is why I am here”.

He stressed that if he was given approval as Special Prosecutor he will investigate all persons irrespective of his personal relationships with them.

“The truth of the matter, ought to be told, I wasn’t involved in the deal, I was nowhere near it. Indeed, until it started coming up, I didn’t even know what it was, for the record, that is the truth. And so, for the record I am no one’s surrogate, I am my own man and I prefer to wear my own shoes”.

It will be recalled that in April this year, the former Special Prosecutor described Mr Agyebeng as a surrogate of people who defended the controversial Agyapa Mineral royalties deal.


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