I will transform Ho Central Constituency – NDC constituency chairman

An aspiring Ho Central Constituency Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Gershon Adeklo has said that he will set up a welfare scheme for registered members of the party when given the nod.
Apart from that, he said, a well-coordinated logistics delivery system for the party would be in place to ensure the timely delivery of party paraphernalia in the various communities.

Meanwhile, Mr Adeklo, 41, an entrepreneur, said the party agents for the polling stations would be trained to enhance their writing skills, and to be vigilant to promptly detect fraud on the part of opponents of the NDC, and any irregularity at the polling stations.

According to the married father of two, NDC’s chances of winning the general elections in 2024 were bright without doubt, because the majority of Ghanaians were yearning for a change for the better in their individual situations and in the entire welfare of the nation.

“But we will not leave any stone unturned in our move to victory,” he added.

The aspirant said as a priority, the youth would be actively involved in every political and set development agenda of the party.

Mr Adeklo said the creations jobs for young people was high on his agenda, “and we will motivate them to lift the flag of the NDC to greater heights and transform the constituency.”

The NDC’s Ho Central Constituency elections will be held on October 22.

In all, three candidates are contesting for the post chairman in the constituency.

Source: graphiconline


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