Judge threatens to issue bench warrant over juror’s absence in court

The judge presiding over the murder case involving two teenagers in Kasoa who are alleged to have been killed for ritual purposes has threatened to issue a bench warrant for a juror in the matter who was absent from the hearing today.

The court was expected to commence trial on Thursday with prosecution scheduled to present its first witness. But that did not happen as the jury was not properly constituted due to the absence of one of the jurors.

The foreman explained that the said juror had earlier explained to him, he has by a letter notified the court of his inability to be part of the hearings.

But Justice Lydia Osei Marfo indicated that since there was no evidence of such a letter before the court, the juror will be assumed to be absent for only Thursday’s hearing.

The judge in adjourning the case to March 13 noted that an arrest warrant may be issued against the juror who is a worker with the social welfare department if he is not in court on the adjourned date.


SOurce: citinews


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